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Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

The DUP. How exciting. I joined a while ago because I do have around 85 pioneer ancestors that came to Utah before 1859. I was qualified to join. I go with my grandma and I am the youngest member in the camp I’m in. Yesterday, I went to the international convention and was surrounded by old ladies. Maybe that isn’t the most tactful phrase. I could say grandmothers–the speaker asked all the great-grandmothers to stand up and over half of the people stood.

So. Here I am, all of 19 years old, surrounded by those quite a bit older. I went yesterday to the convention because I received runner-up for a handcart poetry and short story contest they held. I had to sit up in the front and next to me sat a 95-year-old woman. Now that is an age difference. I guess it shows how timeless pioneer stories and family history work can be. Cool.


2 thoughts on “Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

  1. Nice blog! I love family history too. I’ve thought about joining DUP and I’m pretty sure I’d be one of the youngest there as well, though I’m several years older than you are.
    I live in Utah too and am homeschooling my three boys. I also have a family history blog you might be interested in. It’s a work in progress, but I feel strongly about sharing the information we found on a trip back East.


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