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My spare change goes to blue books and candy bars

I guess that is how life is. I went and bought two blue books today because I have a test. I do not like blue books. They are usually about ten pages long, lined paper, stapled together with blue covers, and for some reason college professors use them whenever a test comes around. This has been happening for quite a while, at least since my parents went to college. But before, in my understanding, the teacher would pass out the clean blue books and in that way assured that no one would be cheating.

I have to spend a quarter of my own money and bring the blue book in. Blue books no longer assure that no one is cheating because I could write my notes in the back page of the blue book and then scribble them over before I turn the test in. Simple. Why are they still used? Seems unpractical.

I do not like purchasing blue books. I use my change to buy them and usually I like to save my change and buy candy with it–I refuse to break a dollar to get something as insignificant as a candy bar.

But now I come to the realization that I am really quite nerdy, for I am beginning to wonder if I actually like taking tests better than eating candy. Tests are like a roller coaster for me–fun, thrilling, exciting, and then add that challenge aspect. I get nervous, yes, but there is a certain quality to tests that appeal to me. I have to think on my feet, come up with intelligent answers even though I can’t remember where the quotation came from.

So perhaps I don’t mind so much buying blue books. They do make tests quite tidy and organizing.


2 thoughts on “My spare change goes to blue books and candy bars

  1. Good point about the thrill of tests. They are that way for some people.

    Speaking as a teacher, I say that making your students buy blue books is evil.


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