Family Life

Couch from Ikea

Yesterday, after school and after tutoring, my dad picked me up in our minivan and we attempted to make our way to a warehouse to pick up a couch from Ikea. It was raining and the traffic was slow, making it not the most enjoyable ride, but I tried to speak to him in Spanish and he patiently corrected every other word I said.

We got off the freeway and were trying to follow the instructions that my mom had printed out. We turned left, then we were supposed to turn left again but we ended up in the wrong spot. We turned around, turned right onto 2100 South, the road we were supposed to be on, and wandered around. The building wasn’t anywhere.

I called mom. She told me we were supposed to be on the 2100 South on the other side of the freeway. So we had to wait in a long line of cars to get to the other street. This has already taken us quite a while, and my alarm went off on my phone to tell me I was supposed to be at an appointment in fifteen minutes. There was no way I could make it, so I called and gave directions to someone over the phone so she could get where she needed to, even though I couldn’t come, and then tried to give directions to my dad about where we should go.

I can’t give directions very well.

We finally found the right road, but we couldn’t turn left onto it and so we had to go up the road, make a u-turn, and then come back to it.

Found the warehouse. Picked up our large sectional couch from the mechanic who also served as the will-call person in the evenings. Then we went home in the rain and traffic. Didn’t get lost coming home.

At home, we put together the couch. And this time, my sister gave directions instead of me, which worked out a lot better, except for she kept putting covers on cushions instead of telling us what screw went where.

These are the most exciting adventures I have in my life.


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