Family Life

Some stories

My brother was in basic training and I guess he was acting pretty smart, so the officer asked him to translate something in binary code.

My brother does not know binary code, but he yelled out, “1001111011010,” etc., anyway.

Another thing. I signed up for this insurance a while back that the bank was offering, and we had the full details of what the insurance meant.

If I died, I would get the full amount. If you lost a combination of two of a hand (cut off at the wrist or higher), a foot (don’t remember where that had to be cut off at), or an eye, you could also get the full police, but if you only lost one of them, then you could get half. If you lost both your thumbs, you could also get half the policy.

It was entertaining literature, but I have to say that the way it was phrased, you started to imagine a big load of pirates with limbs and eyes slashed off by swords . . .


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