Writing, Editing, and Other People

I write a lot. For school and for fun and just because. I write fiction and papers and on occasion, I write poetry.

There are times when I turn in an assignment without having anyone look at it beforehand. These assignments do all right–I get pretty good grades. Then there are the assignments that I have other people look at and make suggestions.

Other people seems so much smarter than I am.

Every novel and book you’ve read has been written by more people than the author. Editors, friends, family, peers–without them, books wouldn’t be possible. I had my mom read one of my novels and the ideas she came up with were brilliant. Without the help of others, nothing good could be written.

Writing isn’t as solitary as you might think, because once you write something down, others must read it, discuss it, and tell you about the problems. This results in a much better story/paper/essay/poem.


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