School Troubles

I have always been really good at school. Those who know me know who obsessive I can get about grades and how well I am doing.

But lately I’ve struggled. I got a test back yesterday with the score of an 88 and I thought I was going to get an A. When you are used to A’s, B’s are extremely low. I know. I’m sort of odd about this because who in their right mind would be upset about an 88? Overachievers, who perhaps are never in their right minds. And that’s what I am, at least with grades.

Today I took a Spanish test and it was the hardest Spanish test I have ever taken. I guess I am getting better, so I think I understood everything but one fill-in-the-blank, which didn’t make any sense, but I spent a lot of time and scribbled about half of what I wrote out and rewrote it before I was done. It was hard.

I like school and I like test taking, but when it gets too hard and my grades start going downhill (into that terrible, awful range of the B’s), I feel bad.

I really need to change my perspective on things.


2 thoughts on “School Troubles

  1. I understand your position very well; I, too, find a ‘B’ in the midst of As an eyesore, a blemish; once I got such a B only because I came late for a test (long story…) and wasn’t allowed to take it; the test took 25% of the overall grades so my chances of an ‘A’ (or a “Distinction”) was blown.

    I know a friend who had 4.0 for his GPA for many semesters; the pressure is high since he had to maintain that. One semester, he got a B+ for a subject, which made his cumulative GPA 3.9999998 (or something similar). Imagine how *he* would have felt. It was a pain even for the rest of us…


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