Family Life


I didn’t find time to make myself breakfast this morning and so I ended up eating waffle crisp. I didn’t have time because I was hating my hair so I had to straighten it. Anyway. I didn’t have any lunch either, so I ended up going to the school food place. I’m watching The Office as I write this, so pardon my distraction.

I had to choose something food place. Noodles looked good. Overpriced noodles. Oh well. Apple crepes. They also looked good.

And then I paid too much. Ate it.

Remembered why I didn’t like eating at restaurants. Three reasons:

1. Overpriced.

2. Food isn’t good.

3. You have to choose what to get.

I always choose the wrong thing, but I’m beginning to think that maybe I just don’t like eating out. Because the food isn’t good. Because I like the food I cook and my mother cooks. That is the best stuff.

Why would I pay a whole lot of money to get food I don’t like? I don’t know. That is what eating out is for me.


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