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I forgot the SASE!

In an effort to get rid of the stack of paper that was sitting in my closet, I sent out an manuscript today. It will most likely be rejected.

But I was sitting here and I remembered that I had forgotten the SASE! The all-important self-addressed-stamped-envelope! I didn’t put one in! The world is going to come crashing upon me!

Oh well. I feel like a small amateur who has no idea what she is doing. And it’s true. Except for the small part. I’m sort of too tall to be considered small . . . But, I have sent out a full manuscript to a publisher, something I’ve never done before. And even if I don’t get a rejection letter because of my lack of a SASE, at least I know that at least someone will open up the envelope and look at my book, even if they don’t read it . . .

On another note, I am wearing a new sweater. It is gray and wool and warm and nice. Sometimes, sweaters are nice. I am also wearing Chacos. Go Chacos!

And I finished my large philosophy assignment. It took me probably five hours to write seven pages of stuff. Ick. At the end, I wanted to be done. But honestly, I sort of enjoyed it . . . (Aren’t ellipsis cool?)


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