One of my hobbies is photography. I very much like taking pictures on my digital camera and viewing and editing them on my computer. Yesterday, I got 55 prints of pictures and I had to choose which ones to put in frames. I had all of them laid out on the couch and was mulling over them with my mom. I actually stayed up later than I would have liked to doing this.

I love photography. I remember a while back there was a photography exhibit at an art museum nearby and I still remember just feeling changed by the pictures. It’s an amazing art form. I can’t even explain why.

You’d think I would put some pictures on my blog occasionally if I like photography so much, but there are two reasons why I don’t:

1. I’m lazy.

2. Okay, honestly, I’m just lazy.

Maybe someday. But I very much want a better camera in order to take more and better pictures–the camera I have now (I do love it for many things) has a very slow shutter speed so it is less than ideal for taking pictures of people.

But someday when I get rich I will have an amazing camera, maybe with different lenses, and I’ll go on long trips and take pictures of everything that is beautiful.

Because the world is beautiful! I look over the picture I have taken and remember those particular moments when everything seemed perfect . . .


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