Books I’m currently reading

Now, I read books quite quickly for the most part, but then there are some books that I start reading and I never seem to get to the end.

Count of Monte Cristo, the long version, took me a year to read. That’s a long time to be reading a book, but I sort of like having humongous books that I mix in with shorter, easier books.

Here are the large books I am currently working on:

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. I love this book. Maybe that’s why I take so long to read it–I just don’t ever want to finish. And it is quite long and thorough.

Anna Karenina. I received this last Christmas and I slowly read a chapter or two here and there, mostly at night.

A Short History of Nearly Everything. I haven’t picked this up for a while, but I think I still have a bookmark in it, and it remains on my shelf of books I am reading.

Those are my long projects. Sometimes books should be read slowly, sometimes quickly. The trouble comes when you check out a book from the library that is a slow book. Then you end up paying an insane amount of library fines . . .


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