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Happiness and Grades

I just got a philosophy assignment back and I got an A. So, of course, I love that class! I really did love it before I got the A. The A just makes me extremely happy. Yeah!

Really, for me, emotions are too tied up into grades for me. Maybe I need to work on that. The thing wrong with my assignment was that I am too long winded and go on about things for pages instead of the sentences and paragraphs I need. Honestly, I like writing. It’s like people who just talk to hear the sound of their own voice–that is me and writing. I get so excited about words and typing them up . . .

Addition: So I started to go through my assignment, taking the suggestion of my teacher to condense all of my answers to 2-3 sentences. I didn’t do the whole assignment, but most of it, and here are the differences in word count, the original first, the condensed second.

  • 147 to 64
  • 171 to 43
  • 305 to 54
  • 105 to 52
  • 182 to 71
  • 540 to 154

So. All together, I started with 1,450 words and edited it down to 438. I didn’t say everything I said in the first one, but I was answering questions and I used a lot fewer words to answer the same questions.

Good learning experience.


One thought on “Happiness and Grades

  1. I understand that. The process of writing my first college English paper convinced me that I didn’t want to do an English major, but when I got an A on it my decision was thrown on its head. Blah.


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