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Hey look at this. Thanksgiving is coming. And so of course I’m sitting outside in a light jacket enjoying the beautiful warm weather.

I liked the fall and the nice temperatures, but now I want it to change. Get cold. Start snowing a bit. That’s what November is supposed to do.

I really like change. I change things just to change them, not because anything is wrong. I get bored easy, I guess.

But change can be a good thing, as long as some things stay constant.

Things I want to stay constant throughout my life, or at least for a while into the future:

  • Family–they’ll come and go, I know, but as long as there is some family there, I’m good
  • Doing good things–I always want to actively involved in something that makes life seam meaningful
  • Church–maybe not the specifics, but church every Sunday until I die sounds all right with me
  • Books–the individual books can change, but I want to keep reading them. I want authors to keep writing them, and I hate reading things on my computer
  • Friends–yeah, having friends is nice. Not having your friends change too  much is also nice
  • Where I live–I don’t want to go far away, honestly. I like it where I’m at.
  • Nature
  • Good health and circumstances–this is hopeful . . .

And that isn’t a very long list, but it’s something. Some things should stay constant else you’re unsure of who you are, but as you change and improve, it’s nice to have the little things evolve with you.


3 thoughts on “Change

  1. Snow today. Wouldn’t it be fun to never miss a Sunday of church untill dealth. And I think quite possible. If you are interested, the first one of us to miss a Sunday of church from now untill dealth must buy the other one dinner, at any resteraunt she chooses. (After writing this I realized I missed church two Sundays ago due to unfortunate circumstance).


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