Family Life

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah! Dinner was amazing, thanks to my mom and grandma. I’m at my grandma’s house right now with my family and we haven’t had pie yet, but I love Thanksgiving.

Here are things I am thankful for:

  1.  family
  2. friends
  3. religion and all that comes with it–for repentance, good works, scripture, prayer, etc.
  4. good food
  5. computers
  6. books
  7. writing
  8. music
  9. warm fires
  10. email and letters
  11. good experiences that make me better
  12. good health
  13. nature
  14. parents
  15. work–my job and just chores I have to do
  16. naps
  17. school
  18. learning
  19. family history
  20. my ancestors

There. Sort of random things. But ’tis a good day today.


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