Family Life


I have known this particular person since kindergarten (we were in the same class when I moved in halfway through the year) and we have been pretty good friends ever since fourth grade. After high school, we went our separate ways, but yesterday we got together and talked for the first time in too long.

It was good. She is one of the best people I know–she understand people easily, she sees the best in them, and she is very accepting. She loves people easily and gets along with most everyone. She’s an example to me, that’s for sure.

We talked about everything and anything. About getting older and boys and school and problems and good things and religion and all the stuff that is important and good. It was so enjoyable.

I had thought that maybe we had drifted apart a bit, but as we talked I realized that we hadn’t so much–we were still very much the same, and it was just easy to talk to her and share whatever. We are friends because we admire the other person so much–I think she is so amazing.

Anyway. It’s nice to have close friends, even if they aren’t around a lot.


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