When you think others are wrong . . .

Never try to criticize and correct others if you think they are wrong.

You can do only one thing: serve them.

In some cases, the person may actually be at fault. More than likely, you are somehow at fault because you are the one thinking they are wrong.

Service allows you to love them more and understand the other person more. Arguing and criticizing back only leads to defense, hurt, and heartache. If the person is truly wise and great, your criticism will have a greater effect then intended and you may find out later that you have truly hurt the person in a selfish effort to be right.

If you serve them, you build them up and make them more able to overcome any weakness they have. If you serve them, you change your own heart and allow love to come in instead of hate. Hate leads to crankiness, tears, and overall a bad life style. Love and service leads to joy.

This is advice that I need to put into practice, but I would invite you to think of someone you have bad thoughts against. Maybe someone you argue with them a lot. You don’t have to admit they’re right. You don’t have to like the person or anything like that. Just next time you see them, say something nice. Next time you see them, think of ways you could serve. Clean something for them. Send them a nice, uplifting note that details their good qualities. Perhaps mention good things about them to others. If you can’t think of any good things, force yourself to. Be wise, be above the situation, and humble yourself in service.


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