Family Life

Thanks to Honest People

I lost my bus pass and my credit card last night. I accidentally dropped them while waiting for a train. I didn’t know it at the time. I was getting my bus pass this morning and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I assumed that it had fallen out of my purse in the car, and even though I couldn’t see it in the car, I thought I hadn’t looked hard enough.

I drove to school instead of taking a bus, but today I called the credit card, gave them my name and all other personal information, and they cancelled my card and told me that someone had found it last night up in Salt Lake. Because my bus pass was there too, I had them give me the name and number. He had left my bus pass, but had destroyed my credit card.

With that, I have a question. How many people would be honest if they found a random credit card on the street? Now, I’m the one stupid enough to have lost my credit card. Because of nice laws, I would have only been liable for $50 if I reported my card lost and stolen in the correct period of time, however, that would have still been a pain. As it was, people were honest, did what they should, and my extreme blunder of leaving my credit card in the middle of a public place, doesn’t have that many repercussions.

I did not thank the guy as much as I should have because I was ornery about the whole situation. I am still somewhat angry with myself and wondering what to do about my bus pass, but I am very grateful for honest people who do what they should instead of making my life complicated and miserable when I make a mistake.


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