Family Life

Thoughts on Today

First, I just finished buying my textbooks for next semester. Sort of. Need to get one more.

I ended up paying HALF the amount I would have had I gone to the bookstore and gotten on the books at the used price. I got used books but for HALF the amount. Thank you Amazon.

Second, my brother has my iPod (an old shuffle) and he was walking in the snow today, slipped, and caused the iPod to go flying. We lost a white iPod in the snow in the dark, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to find. We were searching for it for a long time.

Third, spent time with my grandmother and I love her to death. It was wonderful.

Forth, school is over and I ended it well.

Fifth, can’t wait until next semester, seriously.

Sixth, well, I can wait because I want CHRISTMAS!

And that is all I have to say, really.


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