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So, for Christmas, among other things, I received a pair of snowshoes. Snowshoes are not tennis rackets strapped to the bottom of your feet, in case you are wondering. They are slightly more sophisticated.

My twin got them as well, and she had actually taken a class on snowshoeing at school. I have never gone at all, so I wasn’t terribly excited because I didn’t really know if I would like it or not.

Today, because the snow wasn’t right for sledding, we went snowshoeing.

I like it so much! I love snowshoeing! I could go every day (well, maybe not every day) for the rest of the winter!

We wandered through powdery, white, untouched snow, surrounded by snow covered trees and bushes. The mountains in the distance were covered with fog and then more snow was lazily drifting down. It was gorgeous, so of course I forgot my camera.

Winter is meant to be untouched, and when you go snowshoeing you can see the snow white and clear and beautiful.

As we were walking down, I said that we could go snowshoeing instead of skiing. Liz said that snowshoeing isn’t good for going down snowy slopes, and then I started laughing because I got this image of a snowshoe-er going down a ski slope as all these skiers fly past him or her.

Anyway. I recommend snowshoeing. It isn’t cold because you are working. It is fun, quiet, and beautiful.

Yeah for my Christmas present!


3 thoughts on “SNOWSHOEING!

  1. Wow sounds really fun! I personally have not gone “snowshoeing”…and snow IS definitely beautiful : ) By the way, I love it how you have *snow* falling down your blog – it’s really cool : )


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