Family Life

Hey, how about that . . .

My sister, Liz, is getting married now. Engaged and everything. It’s sort of weird because she is the same age as me and I am not ready to get married at all. But it’s good for her.

In other news, I quit my volunteer tutoring today because of the new job that will hopefully work out. I am going to tutor at a high school after school, hopefully–get paid for it and everything, which is awesome. So everything is brand new and shiny for me. Well, I guess not shiny.

I started school. Here is a quick rundown of my classes:

1. Spanish. Good teacher. And I can understand her as she speaks Spanish! Not everything, but quite a bit, so it is nice.

2. Introduction to Literary History 2. Ick. I am so not liking literature classes anymore. Lets see, how many do I have left? I have take one more literary history class, then an upper division class, and that is it! Yeah! Two more! Well, three, because I haven’t finished literary history 2 yet.

3. Revising and Editing. I took in the hope of learning stuff like copy editing, but it really is just a writing class, so it’s not exciting as I would have hoped. I know how to write all right. That’s not a problem for me. But I’m not writing if off yet–the teacher was good and hopefully it will go well.

4. Theory of Knowledge. How exciting! We’re talking about Descartes? And rational beliefs? And deep skepticism? I want to be a skeptic!

5. Deductive Logic. The teacher said that it would be a math class, so there was great rejoicing on my part. Yeah! A math-sort-of class! And the software is so cool! I get to put shapes on a chess board and write statements about the shapes and see if they are true and false! Ah! I’m happy with this one!

So. That is my schedule. And things that are happening. Cool.


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