Okay, so I wrote this post and I deleted it. So I am writing something related, but not the same thing.

I am an English major at the University of Utah and I live at home. I sort of like where I am doing, but I sort of don’t.

I did really well in school and have done well. I am currently an English major. I do not like studying literature in a college classroom, for the most part. Not enough to major in it. But I do very much enjoy theory and I like to think about why English is studied as it is. I also like learning about grammar.

I added on a double major in philosophy. I needed something interesting and logical. I like philosophy because it is for the pursuit of truth. It’s aim is truth in some degree or another (even though it gets very convoluted). The aim of studying English–well, I really haven’t figured that out yet. If you know, please tell me.

I saw a friend today near the engineering building and we talked about stuff. And I got this feeling that I wanted to major in something more in the fields of math or science. I could have–I have enough intellect to do so. But I didn’t.

I don’t know. Life is a funny thing. I don’t know where I’m going, but I guess I’ll figure it out eventually.


2 thoughts on “School

  1. I do like philosophy, but it isn’t for everyone. I haven’t gotten to far into my study, so I still have time to dislike it, possible. But I would say, so far, if you like reading philosophy and you enjoy logic, then you would enjoy majoring in philosophy. I have really enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken.


  2. Thanks for writing this, Hwalk. I’m starting to think about what I want to major in at college, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be an English major because I hate English class (I don’t like having to analyze literature for a grade; I prefer sitting around and talking about books informally), but don’t know what else to major in. This post just made me feel a little more content with where I’m at right now.

    Do you like being a Philosophy major then? I’m thinking about majoring in Philosophy.


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