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I have never seen it snow this hard in my life. I step outside and a moment or two later I am covered in snow. I cleaned off my car and when I was done, I had to do it again because the windows were covered up in snow.

Someone called me to say they weren’t coming to church because they didn’t want to go out in the snow. I don’t blame them.

And it keeps coming.

Shovelling walks is a bad idea because the snow will keep coming down, destroying what you did. My cat was s sopping wet mess outside. The snowflakes are huge, the visibility is low.

My hair was straight this morning, now it is curly from all the snow on it. I was talking to people how winter needed to end, but now, with this great heaping of snow, I’m thinking different.

The snow is BEAUTIFUL!

I know it’s also dangerous and inconvenient, but there is so much of it, everywhere, and it keeps coming.


7 thoughts on “SNOW!!!

  1. Snow, snow, I wish it would snow in Indonesia…at least, every once in a while…just a bit…for the scenery, at least…maybe you could send some over since you have so much?? 😉


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