Family Life

Maybe no one else will find this funny . .

We were playing spoons today for family home evening. Spoons is a game where you have four cards and you want to get matching four cards. You pass one card at a time and so rotate your cards until someone gets a match. When a person gets a match, they hurriedly grab a spoon in the middle of the table. Everyone else tries to grab a spoon also, but there is one less spoon than there is people, so one person is out. Wow. I am not writing game instructions for a living.

So my mom said, “We should all play steak knives.” Instead of spoons.

If that happened, about ten minutes later there would be five people going to the emergency room with large welts in their hands. “Uh, doctor, we were sort of playing a game and, well, it wasn’t a very good game . . .”

Then my dad suggested we play “Hot curling irons.” Huh. All sort of fun possibilities . . .


7 thoughts on “Maybe no one else will find this funny . .

  1. I have also played this game where you stick your thumb in the air and everyone grabs on, so you have a tower of thumbs and whoever is on top is out. Very painful, and many sprained thumbs.


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