Prayer Works

I was sitting in church yesterday, thinking over some past things that had happened in my life, and writing down some good experiences I have had in my life.

I looked over them, and I realized that they all came as a result of prayer.

I’ll just explain one of them here.

I know someone in my church and I work with her quite often. She is a great person, but she was sort of rubbing me the wrong way–she wasn’t doing anything wrong, it just seemed like she wasn’t my type of person.

Well, I didn’t want to have those sort of feelings, so I prayed about it because I knew I couldn’t get rid of the feelings alone. And yesterday, when I met with her and interacted with her, I realized that the somewhat bitter feelings I had were gone, and I was her friend again. I respected her and loved her instead of judging her.

So prayer works. Even when I’m not realizing it at the time, I’ll look back and see how if I pray about something, it will make all the difference.


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