Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

 by Adrienne Kress

What a wonderful book! It is the most original book I have read for a while and I was thoroughly tickled throughout. Alex was a most worthy heroine. She was young, feisty, wasn’t afraid to cry, but got the job done.

I laughed aloud many times and I kept sharing things with people around me. At one point, there was a musical number in the book, and in this musical number, there was a dance break. With jazz hands. I was reading this on a bus, and I started laughing. Hard. But silently. It sort of hurt, but it was so great.

I remember when I first picked this book up–in December, at Target, actually–I read the first few pages, started laughing, and knew I needed to have the book. So I bought it. And read it. And loved it. It’s so much fun. It’s so enjoyable. It has the exact right pacing, exact right characters. Everything is perfect.

So, go and buy and read. You’ll be rewarded.


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