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I’m going to ramble

Because I feel like it. So today I had to give a presentation on Fidel Castro in Spanish. I’m not that good at speaking in English, much less Spanish, so it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do. I spoke so fast I’m sure no one understood me and I kept mispronouncing words. Why didn’t I take Latin? Latin is not spoken. I should have taken it.

But, I did my best, even if that wasn’t very good. Extra credit! Maybe I’ll get lots of extra credit!

In other news, my life is boring. Not that I really mind that, but really, nothing is going on. I am in a routine. School. Work. Home. Church things on occasion. Write. Homework. Read. Repeat. I need a vacation, I guess. Except for I can’t have one. When I have spring break for school, I have to go to work. When I get spring break for work, I have to go to school.

I like Indian summer. That time in the winter when it doesn’t look like winter and it warms up and seems hopeful? Yeah. I like that time. Yellow grass is beautiful.

I saw Spiderwick Chronicles over the weekend. I was so scared in some places, but I loved it. Wonderful movie, and the characters acted EXACTLY how they did in the book. At least in my opinion.

And there’s my rambling.


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