Things I Like

I like:

  1. writing, especially novel length works that try to break out of expectations in some sort of way
  2. photography, because I got a wonderful new lens today and I love photographs
  3. reading, because reading makes life twice as interesting–the books bring you the knowledge and wisdom and humor and emotion of countless other lifetimes than your own
  4. Theodore Roosevelt, I just love learning about him–give me a TR book, and I’m happy and Jimmy Stewart movies, I don’t know why, I just love them
  5. Old TV movies and TV shows, they don’t make them like they used to
  6. Stories: fairy-tales, adventures, old, new, true, false–aren’t stories wonderful?
  7. Jane Austen novels and movies, for the hopeless romantic–add in Scarlet Pimpernel to this category, and the occasional good romance or chick flick movie
  8. History in general, U.S. history in particular
  9. Learning in general, especially about the universe, math, evolution, biology, history, philosophy, literary theory, computers, some art history, literature, people who were involved in natural science, random tidbits, some Spanish, music, government, current events, grammar, etc.
  10. Young adult and children’s literature (I’ll never grow out of it)
  11. Movies of all sorts, repeated often, and not ever having time to go see a movie except on rare occasion and enjoying the experience when I go
  12. Family history stories
  13. Superheroes
  14. Being with family–it makes me so happy
  15. Instrumental music, the piano, the organ, Irish music, and hymns
  16. Seasons, every of them, and being outside
  17. Work, including gardening and practicing and cooking and cleaning and laundry and fixing things and trying something new

You get the idea. Don’t know why I wrote it. I was curious, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Things I Like

  1. My favorite Jimmy Stewart movies are It’s a Wonderful Life and The Philadelphia Story.

    I totally agree with #5. And, obviously, #6. And #7. OK, I pretty much agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE.


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