A Curse Dark As Gold

by Elizabeth C Bunce.

I have heard nothing but good reviews on this book, and it truly is magnificent. It is well researched, well written, and the picture on the cover is absolutely stunning. You have to see it in person.

The characters are strong, but not overly so, more mild than some books I’ve read, but completely believable. The plot and setting are the more strong parts of the book, and the two intertwine nicely and build a tense, well-paced story.

I am glad I bought it, and I would recommend it to others highly.

You can stop reading now if you don’t wish to hear anything negative. I sincerely mean everything I said before. The rest of this review is based off personal reactions that have nothing to do with the quality of the book.

So, I didn’t like this book as much as I thought I was going to. There was one reason, mostly pertaining to the main character and narrator of the book. Could I make a comparison? Well, I’m going to. One of my favorite narrators of a book is Dashti, from Book of a Thousand Days. I love her voice. I could read it forever. For me, every good quality I found appealing in Dashti was sorely missing in Charlotte. Not that Charlotte isn’t unlikeable, she just didn’t have the traits that appeal to me personally in a book. There was one thing I wanted Charlotte to do in the book, and it never happened. So it left me wanting. Personally, the book just wasn’t a favorite.

For those of you who have read the book and are interested in a more particular account of what I didn’t like, I have inserted a very spoiler-filled ending to this post and you can highlight it below to read.

Warning! These Are Spoilers! I wanted Charlotte to give up the mill the whole entire book. She held onto it with such a firm grip. Her pride drove me crazy. Everything would have been fine if, at the end, she would have had to give up the mill in some way, I would have been happy. But as if was, she never gave it up. She never sacrificed it for something better. Her pride won, and that just left me a bit unsettled.


7 thoughts on “A Curse Dark As Gold

  1. Mm…can’t wait to get ahold of this book.

    So cool that you’ve been to San Francisco! 😀 And that you found it beautiful. I love when people appreciate S.F.


  2. Charlotte, as a person, I hated. I wanted to yell at her because I thought she was going about everything the wrong way. But that’s why I really liked her as a character. She most definitely had faults.

    Though I think Dashti is a less annoying a narrator overall, as far as personalities go.


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