The Thief

by Megan Whalen Turner

The Thief

Um . . . Wow? Yeah. Wow would be a good word to describe it. I give a million thank-yous to Shannon Hale, who interviewed and recommended Megan Whalen Turner on her blog. I read King of Attolia, and I really, really enjoyed it. Then I read the Thief. And wow.

This book is a new favorite. Eugenides is the BEST CHARACTER IN THE WORLD! I love this book to death. I have great burning desires to read The Queen of Attolia now, and to also own all of them and put them on the honored place on my bookshelf.

I write so similar to Megan Turner that it is sort of frightening. I mean, my pacing is completely different, but my characters and world are incredibly similar. She’s better, just to make that clear, much better, but I love her writing. Love it. It completely fits me in all aspects.


4 thoughts on “The Thief

  1. I love this book so much. Though either The Queen of Attolia or The King of Attolia is my favorite.
    Eugenides is one of the best characters in the world, but Attolia’s pretty amazing herself. 😀


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