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Five Things I Did as a Kid

Okay, so I’m not following the rules. I don’t tend to tag people because they’ve all been tagged already, so I’ll just write the five things. And I don’t remember who tagged me, but my name was in there.

1. I yelled at my third grade teacher. It was quite dramatic. But in my defense, I was right.

2. After reading one of the Redwall books, I was so happy that I ran around the house a few times.

3. My twin sister and I used to play “Kitty and Teddy Fun,” we’re we pretended to go on adventures. The name was based off the fact that she collected stuffed kitties and I collected stuffed teddy bears.

4. On the bed that was in my and my sister’s room while we were younger, there’s a note that is all together much depressed and hateful written in Sharpie. But the thing is, my sister and I both think that we wrote it. Only one of us did. We can’t decide who.

5. I once wore my older sister’s jeans to school in fourth grade, and they were about three sizes too big and I had to cinch my belt really tight in order for them to fit.

I don’t think about my childhood very much, honestly. But there are some good moments.


2 thoughts on “Five Things I Did as a Kid

  1. You forget family vacation, playing in the sandbox, playing pretend out back, sleding, climbing trees, primary, taking autumn drives, the huge snowballs at recess, riding bikes, and playing in the sprinklers. My childhood rocked–and you had about the same one I did.


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