Miracle of Forgiveness

by Spencer W. Kimball

Miracle of Forgiveness

This is a wonderful book. It was written by a former president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Spencer W. Kimball, and is written mostly for Latter Day Saints. I read it as part of my scripture study for quite a while.

It is mostly a call to repentance, and explaining how to repent and be forgiven. There are wonderful stories and wonderful words throughout the book. I think that if everyone in the world followed the counsel given in this book, the world would be such a better place. We all have things to change in our life, ways to improve, and I think everyone should try to have a higher moral standard and strive to be better.

I learned in this book how to repent, and it showed me how to be a better person. It testified of Christ’s atonement and was humbling to read. I loved this book. It spoke truth plainly and clearly, and helped me see more clearly.

I have a hard time writing about this book, because it was personal to me as I read it, and I feel I don’t do it justice. It is a book full of love, truth, and humility.


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