(I actually wrote this a week and a half ago, but I haven’t gotten it posted until now.)

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I do not do things in order to receive honor and praise.

I maintain a photo blog, and every picture I post I want someone to comment on it. I want them to say how amazing the photograph is. But the thing is, if I don’t comment on other people’s blogs, I usually don’t get any comments myself.

It isn’t only with the photo blog. With this blog, with my writing in general, with school work even–everything I do, I suppose, I want the satisfaction of approval.

But I continually say to myself: you are not doing this to seek praise. You are taking photos because you love to take photos. You are writing because you love to write. It doesn’t matter if any one else approves.

But it sure is nice when you get compliments.

So, I suppose I will issue two challenges with this post:

1. Do something that you really want to do but you haven’t done because your afraid of what people will say. Take a risk. Don’t live for praise.

2. Go ahead and genuinely praise someone else for what they did.

Comment below with your plans or reports on what you will do!


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