Books and End of School

Just finished reading The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candice Millard. It was amazing. By the end, I felt the book had the delights and emotional quality of a novel. I learned a lot throughout the book too, so it kept a good balance. It was always interesting and even compelled me to read onward. As someone who likes Theodore Roosevelt, this book gave a good perspective on his final years and even further insights into his personality and belief. I highly recommend it.

I read another book, Hubener vs. Hitler: A Biography of Helmuth Hubener, Mormon Teenage Resistance Leader by Richard Lloyd Dewey. I read this entire book yesterday because I’m writing a research paper on the topic and I found myself behind in research. I’ll just make a quick note of it. The book was based heavily on personal interviews, and the author quoted a lot throughout the book. In fact, I would say the majority of the book is quotes from others. But, the book was cohesive, organized well, was easy to read, and incredibly useful.

Now. On to my second subject. School is ending. These are the things I have left to do:

1. Spanish. I have a Spanish exam on the textbook tomorrow. Then an in class composition on Monday. Then an oral exam on Tuesday. Three tests!

2. My paper for revising and editing. I find myself feeling behind, but I’m really not. It’s on resistance in Nazi Germany, particularly the Hubner group, and moral issues concerning that. I actually have really enjoyed doing it and I don’t want to finish–I want to keep working on it. But the due date comes.

3. Deductive Logic. I have one week of homework to do and then a final test next Tuesday. I find this class fun, actually, so I’m not too worried, but I do have to study.

4. Literary History take home exam. I am not thinking about this until I have the exam in my hand. By then, most everything else will be over with.

So, it isn’t too bad. I don’t have any comprehensive finals, really. But I was talking to someone, and it’s the end of the semester where all the work is finally slammed on you. So you’re working hours every day on homework, and then, suddenly, school ends. Just like that. And you have all this time and you have no idea what to do with it.

A week left, and then I’ll be free.


2 thoughts on “Books and End of School

  1. Yep. *nods* Until high school, school gradually winds down at the end of the year in a very nice way. But after that, the pressure just builds up until you explode or the semester ends and all the stress suddenly disappears. Not as good of a system.


  2. I’m antsy with anticipation–I want school to be over. And I actually find myself without a lot of homework. Another test in Biology, and Entomolgy, Fruits, and Family Finance, and one more assignment in ID. That’s all.


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