Sunday Thoughts

I made an incomplete list today of all the things that the Lord has helped me with lately. There’s been a lot. A few weeks ago, I wrote down some things on a sticky note of what I was praying for. I looked at that today and I realized that my prayers have been answered in ways I never expected.

One of the things I prayed for was a missionary experience, and I had one. Not how I was expecting, though. It wasn’t with someone who wasn’t a member of my faith, but with my brother.

When I look back on life, I can see how I have been helped in wonderful ways. Whenever I have needed guidance, I have received guidance. Small, random experiences turn into life changing things. The Lord points me in the right direction and tells me where I need to go.

When I was a little bit younger than I am now, I always wanted to have inspiration from the Spirit. I wanted to have those experiences that I hear people talk about in church, where they are inspired to do something to help others. And I have been blessed with those experiences. The Lord has given me what I desired.

For example, yesterday I went to a conference, and I had a strong impression that I needed to change classes. I sat there for a moment, because they had already started, and it was sort of rude to get up and walk away, but I knew that I needed to. So I left, and I went to a completely different class about starting your own business. I’m not entirely sure why I needed to go there, but I did.

I only have to remember to do better. I’ve been getting lazy lately, and not p[ushing forward as I should. But I can and I will improve.


One thought on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. Hello hwalk!

    I’ve seen you commenting on Anilee’s blog, “semper me invenio”, and I just thought I’d come by and check out yours 😉
    I enjoyed this post quite a bit; it’s absolutely astounding to see how God answers prayers in totally unexpected ways, isn’t it?! I find that more and more in my life…when I look back I realize how many events in my life have really been answers to prayers; just in much different forms then I expected! I think God must delight in defying expectations and
    Great post 🙂

    Your Waxing post made me laugh out loud; sounds exactly like something that would happen at my house! (Reminds me of the time my brother and I tried to wash our family minivan in the dark, around 10:00 at night…THAT was interesting!!!!)

    I’ll definitely be back for more of your writing!!

    .: mismatchedsockgirl :.


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