Family Life

100% and Summer

School has ended so magnificently I could shout.

On my Spanish oral exam, I got a 97. 97! Wow! I didn’t know I could speak Spanish! But I can!

And on my deductive logic exam, I got 100. There have been three exams in that class, and I got in the 90s, but not 100. And the last exam I thought was by far the hardest exam. And I got 100. It was such a surprise and shock. Wow! Wow! I guess I am logical. And I can work through a 25 step proof with around five subproofs layered on top of each other. Yes! I shouldn’t boast. But I am!

Now summer has started. I’m going to school in the summer, but I have a lot of online classes and my class I have to go to in person doesn’t start till June. And my online classes don’t start till May 13. So I’m free.

And I wish I wasn’t free. What to do . . .


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