Because it is summer, I get to work now. My sister is getting married on May 14, and she’s having an open house the day before in our backyard. That means that there is a lot of work to do in our backyard to make it look acceptable. I painted and cleaned out the playhouse last week. Today, I woke up ready to work.

I started by weeding. And then raking. And then moving the woodpile across the orchard. There was a large stump that I attempted to move and my mom said, “It’s too heavy. You need two people.” I took that as a challenge and then rolled the stump all the way across the orchard. Then I moved more sticks and logs. And more.

And I worked myself all out until I didn’t feel good because I didn’t have enough for breakfast.

The point in all of this is that work is wonderful. My arms are scratched and I’m tired, but its tired in a good way. I feel healthy and good.

I remember reading somewhere about how manual labor is important. I’m more of a mental-labor-sort-of-person. I read and write and do that sort of thing. But doing some manual labor, like yard work, really makes my mind refreshed. I feel happy.


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