Movies I might want to see this summer

  • Forbidden Kingdom–I like this sort of movie
  • Ironman–not sure about this one, but it is a superhero movies and I could give it a try
  • Prince Caspian–I’ve started to read the book
  • Indiana Jones–it’s so awesome that they made another one
  • Kung Fu Panda–the trailer made me laugh
  • Wall-e–aah! Love Pixar movies
  • The Dark Night–the first one was very good

Not a long list. Saves me money if it isn’t too long. I want to see Wall-e the most, by the way. And I only want to see them if they are good, uplifting sort of movies that look decent when they come out.

I would really rather transport myself into another decade that isn’t full of sequels. And I am not excited for all the superhero movies–it seems that they are making way too many. But that’s okay.

I love the feeling of going into a cold movie theater in the summer and walking out into the hot sun, finding that your afternoon is gone.



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