Life Shouldn’t Be Easy

I saw a few weeks ago an article in my school newspaper that a class was cancelled because people thought it was too hard.

I was appalled. (Isn’t that a funny word? Maybe a little strong . . .)

People seem to want easy classes and teachers. I want to shake them sometimes and say: You are here in college to learn. Not to get by easily. To learn. And the best way to learn is to have classes that challenge you.

I loved AP and honor classes in high school, and I assumed that all college classes would be like that. And while I have had a few classes that are challenging, overall, it hasn’t been that difficult.

I suppose it’s partly my major (English) and perhaps I have just been unlucky in my choice of classes. But really–cancelling a class because it is too hard?

From what I could tell, people were just whining. The class was not unfair. Not everyone deserves A’s–you should work for them. People need to realize that challenges make them better. You will learn a gazillion times more in a hard class than an easy class, and you will remember it longer.


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