This is why you read the instructions

Today, we installed a new mailbox. The pole was a long plastic thing, and there was a long stake to hammer into the ground and then the pole was attached to the stake. So the long wooden stake was inside the plastic pole, and we had to get it out. I turned the plastic pole upside down to get the stake to come out.

The first time, it didn’t work, and then I shook it a little and the large wooden stake came out, point first, right on to my bare foot.

At that point, I dropped everything and started running around the yard screaming, “Ow,” as if that would somehow help the pain. The pain did eventually fade.

Then we started reading the instructions.

Step one: Carefully remove the stake from the pole to prevent injury.

Hm. Maybe reading the instructions first is a good idea.


3 thoughts on “This is why you read the instructions

  1. 😀 😀 😀

    Am I laughing too much over your injury? Sorry. 😀

    Thanks for the advice, anyway–I think my dad’s supposed to fix our mailbox soon, so…


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