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Some thoughts

I went and played games with some friends on Sunday night, and I came home and checked in with my parents, and my dad said, “You’re a good daughter.”

I’ve been living at home for two years since I graduated, and I have really enjoyed it. A lot of people want freedom, but I hate staying up late, I like working and helping around the yard and house, and I like being a “good daughter.” It’s been a good experience for me. Not that I’ve been perfect–I’ve complained and I’ve been lazy like all of us are at some point. But I’ve done all right.

That got me thinking about how wonderful it is to be a good person. I have certain beliefs about what I should be doing, and I try to follow them. I don’t make excuses, but I do my best. I try to keep moving forward, working hard and serving others. And a lot of times I just don’t do what I should. I mess up.

But because I am trying to hold myself to a strict moral standard, life goes better. I have so much freedom and happiness when I do what I should. I don’t live like the rest of the word tells me to live, but I feel so much happier. Life is better when you don’t lie, when you work hard, when you care about the people around you, when you don’t party on the weekends, and when you watch and listen to uplifting things.

That said, I still need to do so much better. But I know that if I try to improve, I’ll just become happier.


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