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Why I was crying today

(Feel free to laugh at me, by the way. I am.)

I work in a different county and I take public transportation. I don’t mind taking public transportation because I get a lot of work done while I am on the bus, so even though I am on the bus for over three hours in a day, it is a very useful three hours.

Lately, though, me and transportation haven’t been getting along:

  • I went on a hike on Saturday. It wasn’t lost, but I didn’t know where the trail was.
  • I also went visiting people yesterday and had to turn around twice.
  • And the day before that, I was wandering around forever trying to find someone’s house and I never got there.
  • And sometime this week, I ended up taking the 21 bus instead of the 213, and I ended up over a mile away from where I should have been and had to walk. The bus actually took me farther away from where I wanted to be than when I started.

But today, I ended up waiting for a bus for a half hour. That’s a long time. It should have come, and it never did. Who knows where it was. I ended up taking the 223 instead of the 220, and I was going to get on the 810 from the 223, but as I pulled into the stop, the 810 pulled out. I was trying to chase it to another stop, and it beat me, and then I just started crying. I was just trying to get home, and I had spent 45 minutes and I was not any closer to home than when I started.

If I would have driven, I would have been home at that point. But I had to wander to the train and then take the train and then finally get on a bus home. I got there. I managed.

I am so pathetic. I have no idea why I started crying because of the bus. But when you are far away from home and aren’t sure how to get back there, it can be quite devastating, I suppose.

Oh, I drove to work on Monday, and when I was coming home, a car rear-ended me. But not hard. It just bumped me a little, no real damage. I was late for something, so I just kept driving.

I just want to stay home now.


6 thoughts on “Why I was crying today

  1. Wow. That last bit about you getting rear ended and you just drove away… that is hilarious. And actually I don’t think it’s crazy that you cried when you missed your bus. Sometimes things just build up and that pressure has to go somewhere… out your eyes it goes.


  2. I should feel really bad for you, instead I am laughing. Which I guess is where the saying, tragedy + time = humour came from.


  3. Oh, pretend I’m hugging you, Heather. It doesn’t actually sound that odd to me; I take public trans a fair amount and it’s definitely been the straw that broke the camel’s back several times in my case…


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