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My sister got married today

Yep. That’s right. She has a husband now and she is a wife. It’s still sort of weird.

I’m doing a little explanation for those of you who are not LDS. Mormon weddings are different than normal wedding because they happen in the temple, a sacred place, and at the temple the couple is sealed together for time and all eternity. There are beautiful and great promises involved with such a sealing. To go into the temple for the first time, one needs to be of the right age and be worthy to enter. I have not gone through the temple yet–I will someday, but not yet, so I didn’t go to my sister’s wedding.

So she went in, I waited for two hours, and she came out married. We took pictures. And then we had the luncheon. She had an open house the night before, so then we were done. Liz drove off.

She’s been my best friend throughout my life. Of course she has: she’s my twin. So it’s a little hard for me, I’ll admit it. I’m doing fine and I’m so happy with what happened today. But another part of me is a little sad.

I had an aunt–she lives in Arizona, so too far away–and she did the nicest thing. At the luncheon, my uncle gave me a card, and my aunt had written my a note out of concern for what I was feeling that day. She gave me a gift card to buy a book too (and many of you know how wonderful books are). I gave her a hug and thanked her. It’s one of the nicest and most thoughtful things that someone has done for me. She did something out of complete concern for what I was feeling, and she understood me too. It was awesome.

So my sister is married. But I’m okay. There have been hard moments, but overall, I’m very happy. Weddings are a happy thing.


8 thoughts on “My sister got married today

  1. Awesome auntie. 😀 I can only sort of imagine how weird that must be…I know I’ll freak out if/when my sister gets engaged; it’d be even stranger if it were a sister my age being married.


  2. It’s been a little weird for me too. It’s the right thing to do, but sometimes also very hard. And I miss the fact that we might not have any more hammock backpacking trips. Married life is fun and wonderful, and sometimes difficult.


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