Flat Chested

Okay, hopefully you aren’t offended that I’m talking about this subject . . .

I am very flat chested. I go to the girl’s section to buy bras. Like the little girl’s section in the store. That’s where I go. I am a  double A, not even an A.

And I love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I was younger, there were social pressures for me to be bigger. It looked better. Girl’s were supposed to be bigger. Blah blah. Anyway, I believed it all and I was a little self-conscious about my flat-chested-ness. It was my flaw. Something that didn’t make me pretty.

Ugh! I would rather be how I am right now than to fit into society’s views. I love being how I am. It is much more convenient, I can tell you that, and it looks great too. There are so many beautiful people that don’t have anything in the chest area. And I get to look like myself, not someone else’s ideal of beauty.

I refuse to hate myself. I don’t have “flaws”–I am what I am and I will embrace my own uniqueness. I love being flat-chested.

So for anyone, especially the young girls, if you think there is some ideal of beauty and you don’t make it, forget it. You are your own ideal of beauty. Embrace who you are and refuse to believe that you have “flaws.” Remember Dashti? From Book of a Thousand Days. (If you’re reading my blog and haven’t read that book, you better go read it quick.) She was going to be called “mottled” when she was born because the red splotches on her face and arm. But she is beautiful. We all know that. So you’re beautiful too. And you can end up just like Dashti . . . happy.


11 thoughts on “Flat Chested

  1. Great post. You’re totally right about this. It’s a fault of today’s world that everyone aspires to be unnaturally beautiful. Celebrities don’t really look like that, you know. It’s makeup, airbrushing, and plastic surgery. *rolls eyes*


  2. I really like this post. I definitely agree.

    I’ve seen people struggle with being flat-chested a lot. But I’ve also seen girls (like myself) being made fun of for being rather slender and large-chested. It’s sad how people think they have to look a certain way.


  3. You are right.

    I still hate my thighs, but I don’t really dwell on that, because I know it’s not going to change. My family history is such that I know this. For example, my mother is a very fit woman, and her thighs are still like mine. Even when she was briefly (six months) anorexic as a teenager her thighs didn’t change. So I figure I’m pretty stuck with what I’ve got and I should just deal, which is what I try to do.


  4. Great post! I’m not flat chested, but I’ve always wished that I was. I totally agree. I had problems with my weight before- I’ve never been stick thin. Now I’m okay and realize that this is just the way I am.


  5. I agree with everyone else: Great post!

    It’s a shame. I mean, people see the stories about anorexia and super thinness and they know they don’t need to be like that. I mean, with all the mother-daughter talks and sessions, etc. nowadays, most people would know, but they still want to be like the models and actresses around: unnatural.
    I think this is a marvelous post. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself; you’re great the way you are.


  6. I totally agree with your post there hwalk and everone else;u’ve got to embrace youself and stop living in a totally superficial world filled with ‘beauty’ . What’s more important is the beauty within…


  7. I’m flat too. I am learning how to love it but it’s been a long long LONG hard road. One thing I do love is being able to wear a bralette. Let the big girls try THAT! Can’t do it, they can’t. And it’s heaven to wear a bralette. So there’s my love for today.


  8. I have found very few people, let alone women, who loved being flat chested. I think there is nothing sexer then to see a women with little or no breasts. Most men I know or have known, like big breasts but I think they are really ugly. I am glad you appreciate what God gave you. Keep being proud of them and keep your head up. I may be one of the men you pass thinking just how sexy your really are


  9. I am also flat…but, I have not been able to embrace it. I am 40+ years old attractive and single. I still hear the harsh comments and men hardly ask me out. I am tired after all these years, watching men oogle and pay attention to the other girls.


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