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Have I ever told you about my hammock? I got a Travel Hammock UltraLight Hammock to go backpacking with last summer, but it is wonderful.

This hammock stuffs into a small sack that is about ten inches long and five inches wide (something like that, maybe smaller), and comes all ready to set up. I can just go out, get a pair of trees that are a good distance apart, and have a hammock three seconds later. It’s made out of nylon, super comfortable to sleep in, and just fun to go out in on a summer day.

I sound like a hammock commercial. But the reason I’m writing this is because I set it up two days ago, and I’ve gone out there and done my homework and read. It’s felt like summer, completely. There is nothing more like summer than hanging in a hammock and just relaxing outside.


4 thoughts on “Hammock

  1. When I have my own house someday, I want one with two trees spaced the perfect amount so I can hang a huge hammock up. It’s kind of a dealbreaker for me.
    (Also, your necklace is in the mail! I may just bring the card and cd with me this weekend, if that’s okay.)


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