Staying Positive

In How to Make Friends and Influence People, one of the things suggested is to never criticize. And that meant never.

There are so many times when we start gossiping and criticizing and we don’t even realize we are doing it. We rationalize it.

But it’s better to stay positive.

I’ve kept some blogs before this, but I think this one has been successful because I made the determination somewhere along the line to be positive. I won’t have a negative book review on here. I won’t talk bad about other people. At least, not intentionally. I will be honest, but I’m not going to be brutally honest.

I want to keep things happy and positive. I want to say good things about other people.

I’m not perfect at it, but I try. I think it’s a worthy goal to lead up to. And even in conversation, I like to stay positive. There is not room for gossip. There is no room for criticizing. There is plenty of room for praise and compliments.

The only time for anything negative is if someone seriously asks for help with something. But you can still be gentle. You can realize your own weakness and failure and realized that your own opinion isn’t law.

It makes life better.


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