Wildwood Dancing

by Juliet Marillier

Wildwood Dancing

You should have watched me read this book. I was very responsive, to the point that twice I actually threw the book on the ground. And it was a library book.

This reminded me a lot of A Curse as Dark as Gold, because I found the female characters so similar. Which means that it was a bit frustrating to me. I called Jena an idiot more than once, not that she is one, I just wanted to shake her sometimes.

But I really did like this book, in the end. I don’t predict plot very well–usually things are surprising to me. Not so in this. I pretty much figured it out by about page thirty. So the ending was expected for me, and it was a little hard going through and knowing what was happening. But I wanted it to happen, so it was all right.

The best thing about this book is a little frog whose name is Gogu. He really made the book for me. I also enjoyed the setting–it was set in Transylvania, but instead of becoming that, it used the setting and became something else. It was great.

Good ending. Things happened as they should. A little on the long side (I spent one whole day reading it, in between work and the other things I needed to do), but worth reading if you like fairy tales retellings. I know a lot of you have read it, and have liked it (I’m actually a little slow on reading this). Well, I like it too. Mostly I like Gogu.


2 thoughts on “Wildwood Dancing

  1. I definitely wanted to shake Jena a few times too.

    Ah, yes. Gogu. He’s awesome. I felt a little silly the first time I read it because I realized I had fallen for a frog. 😉


  2. Heh heh. 🙂 Responsive reading is the sign of a MOLDy brain indeed – I love it. It’s the other way round for me; I’m reading Curse right now and it’s reminding me of Wildwood


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