Family Life

I am finally feeling better

Me yesterday:

Sprawled out on a couch, incoherently commenting during family home evening. Feverish. Coughing. Runny nose. Etc.

Me today:

Sitting on couch, a tie from a bathrobe around my head. Coughing and wiping nose. Coloring and cutting out Rapunzel’s Revenge paper dolls.

So, I am feeling a lot better. Like, I feel alive. And I can think of something else besides I don’t feel well. I am getting better, slowly.

(And the tie from the bathrobe was around my head because I had a headache, and it was making it go away. But it looked quite comical in the process.)

In my Spanish class today (I started the class last Thursday), everyone around me had a cold. It’s June, and we were all sick. Weird.


4 thoughts on “I am finally feeling better

  1. Ouch! I’m so sorry. Get well soon! I wish I could send you this really good chicken soup I have on hand right now…

    (I like my soup, okay? Even in June.)


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