Family Life

Well . . .

  • I didn’t got to school today.
  • (Isn’t it sad I have school in June? And July?)
  • I went to the doctor today.
  • I haven’t seen the doctor since I was around 15, for a physical. Maybe 14.
  • The last time I went to the doctor for some sort of illness was when I was four. At least that I can remember.
  • I haven’t had a prescription that I can remember.
  • (I’m really lucky, aren’t I?)
  • And today I went to the doctor because I was sick, and I got a prescription.
  • It was a new experience for me.

So my last two posts I sort of lied. Not knowingly. But backpacking is not worth it when you are sick, because then you get more sick. Don’t do it. And I was not really getting better. I felt a little bit like it, then I got worse again. But hopefully I am now. I got my prescription . . .

Edit: Oh, and Puffs tissues are amazing. Very soft. But maybe too much lotion, since my hands and nose are sort of oily now. I doubt they were intended for as much use as I have been giving them.

(By the way, I’m pretty happy. And feeling okay. Going to the doctor made me happy. Here’s why. I could tell my brother how I was feeling, but he doesn’t need to be bothered with the info. And even if I did, he couldn’t do anything. But I can tell the doctor. And the doctor can tell me what’s wrong. And he can take care of me and give me something to make me better. So I really liked the doctor today.)


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