I am not information smart

I just determined that. I was actually determining I wasn’t smart at all, then I thought that was just being silly. So I realized that I wasn’t a certain kind of smart. Because there are lots of kinds of smarts.

Information is highly valued in the world today. We have the internet. We have trivia shows that show how much information you can carry in your head. And we are perhaps slightly in awe of anyone who is simply full of information.

There is a gift with being able to absorb information. Whenever I meet people with that gift, I get sort of jealous. And I feel sort of dumb, because I don’t know as much as they do. They remember all these people they have met. They visit all these websites. They know all the names of the songs on the radio. They know history. They know random quotes from people.

Anyway. As far as this sort of smartness goes, I am pretty inept. I don’t remember bits of information at all.

I’m more of a concept learner. I remember concepts. I know how to think through and about things instead of just thinking of them. I don’t know a ton of information, but I can use the information I have. I can simplify concepts easily.

So instead of declaring I am not very smart (which would, again, be silly), I am simply declaring that I am not information smart. I am not an information sort of person. I am a concept sort of person. And that’s how it is.

I’m going to randomly relate this to writing, because I want to. Some people sound really intelligent when they write. Some people use really big words and use them really well. Some people have amazing subjects. Others can write simply or even conversationally. Some people are funny. Some people are emotional. And they are all good

Sometimes, we have to realize our strengths instead of just seeing our weaknesses.


10 thoughts on “I am not information smart

  1. Yeah, my sister is really information smart. She can remember in detail, one insignificant thing that happened ten years ago. It’s kind of scary sometimes. 🙂


  2. I think your kind of smart is more useful and important in the real world. Being able to think through and solve problems is more useful than knowing gazillions of facts and not having a use for them.

    Incidentally, did you know that there are 188 ridges on the rim of a dime?


  3. Exactly, but yours are more useful in everyday situations.

    And that for every gallon of diesel gas consumed, the Queen Elizabeth 2 (the ship) moves six inches?


  4. This is a great post, hwalk. It reminds me of the poster my teacher had on the wall. It was about all different types of smarts.

    I’m not information smart, either. It takes me forever to learn flashcards unless I love the subject (the funny thing is, I only dislike one subject).


  5. I’m the opposite–completely information smart, but I struggle with concepts.
    This makes me sound really smart to lots of people, but when it comes to applying it, I look pretty foolish.
    Also, ditto what cuileann said.


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