First: Happy Birthday Liz!

Twenty years ago, at 8:55 in the evening, a small girl was born. She was trying to come out upside down, and she was five weeks early and very small and skinny. Three minutes later, a much larger and healthier twin followed her. The first twin was named Heather, and the second was named Liz.

I was an ugly baby. Really. I was skinny and small and had big black eyes. I had to stay in the hospital for a long time.

But life has simply been a joy for me.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, stranger, niece, cousin, and granddaughter. I am a writer, blogger, photographer, family historian, student, church goer, gardener, hiker, reader, and so much more.

I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am today, with much of my life still ahead of me. I want to be a wife, mother, grandmother, and aunt. I want to keep moving forward and keep becoming a better person. I’ve done a lot, but I want to do more.

One thing that has amazed me in my life, and especially in the past few years, is how much you can do with yourself. I’ve been given a lot of time and a lot of talent, as have most people. I’ve read hundreds of books. I’ve gone to school and learned so much in so many different subjects. I’ve worked in various jobs. I started to learn another language. I learned how to make websites, bind books, prune trees, etc., etc. I’ve written a lot. I have so many friends in so many places. And there are still years ahead, to fill up.

One of my favorite people to learn about is Theodore Roosevelt (he’s one my heroes). He accomplished an incredible amount of stuff in his life. He was a father, a husband, a rancher, a writer, an ornithologist, a naturalist, an explorer, a deputy sheriff, a lifelong politician, a president, a Nobel peace prize winner, and the list can go on. He read voraciously, his physical endurance was phenomenal, and he was bursting with energy. And he died when he was only 60–but he accomplished more in his life than many people would do if they lived for hundred of years.

Life is an opportunity, something to seize and run away with and never let go. It’s a time to do things you never thought you could.


9 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Heather! Teddy Roosevelt is one of my heroes, too, especially since he had asthma and the doctors always called him weak and such when he was younger. Amazing what one can become. Have a most wondrous year!


  2. You are such a wonderful person, Heather. I look up to you so much!

    Happy birthday. I hope your life continues on as joyful as it has been so far.


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