The Queen of Attolia

by Megan Whalen Turner

I started reading this series with the third book, The King of Attolia. Sort of a strange place to start. I followed that with the first book, The Thief, and then finished up with The Queen of Attolia.

It could be better to read them in order, but I loved the order I read them in. Loved it. I started out completely unsure who Eugenides was. I couldn’t figure him out until the ending of King. Then I learned about him more in Thief. And then I crowned my whole experience with Queen.

This is my favorite book in the series, at least for the moment. In fact, this is one of my favorite books. I am currently rating it at number 2, though that’s still up for debate.

I can’t even describe it properly. The writing speaks to me. This is the stuff I’ve always wanted to write, but done more masterfully than I ever could have.

The reason books become my favorite is first, they have incredibly unique, appealing, and real characters. Eugenides is my favorite male character in a book. No one else has his vitality, no one else is so incredibly original and so full-formed. He is why I love these books so much.

My favorite books must have a well-developed world. There has to be a compelling plot that meshes fully with the characters. And there’s something else–something that makes this book mine, that speaks to me and becomes me. I don’t really like books because they are really good, though that helps. I really like books when they fit me.

Queen of Attolia fit me. I spent about the whole day today reading it, and reading it. I had to take breaks because I would become too overwhelmed with what was going on. I lost myself.

So that’s my review. I am so glad I read this book last, because it was the best.


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